Alia Shawkat  Bio, Wiki, Net worth, Gay, Lesbian, Partner, Dating, Married

Alia Shawkat Bio, Wiki, Net worth, Gay, Lesbian, Partner, Dating, Married

Alia Shawkat  Bio, Wiki, Net worth,  Gay, Lesbian, Partner, Dating, Married

— Sunday, September 3rd, 2017

Date of Birth : Apr 18th, 1989
Age :34 Years old
Height :1.66m
The Girl Next Door, Alia Shawkat 

Short Bio:
Alia Shawkat is known for her curly hair, freckled beauty and the quality of life she has. She portrays her unique self by being herself and flaunting her wildness. Named as “wild Shawkat” on Instagram she describes herself as Artist, actress. Activist and Mutant. Alia Martin Shawkat is known for her debut feature in Fox/Netflix show “arrested development” has won a heart of million by her role Maeby Funke. Alia is an American actress who has been impressed with her work. Alia is not only a charm for her role in arrested development but also has played a debut on horror comedy as the final girls. From being quirky to adventurous alia says “I’m single and young, and I crave travel and new adventures all the time,” “If I’m idle, I’m like, gotta get out of here!”

Alia Shawkat is born in Riverside, California.  Her parents are Dina Burke and Tony Shawkat, who authorizes a strip club in the neighboring city. She grew up in nearby Palm Springs. Shawkat has two brothers.  Shawkat father is an Arabian and her mother is Norwegian.  

Alia Shawkat who is known for her beauty and her character as gay in arrested development is said to be gay in real life as well. Besides her role in the show, she has been hardly caught up or be seen with any of her lesbian partners.  Assumptions are easy to make but hard to verify. As such is the case of Shawkat. She has a contained life and is herself when it comes to saying she is bisexual.

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It’s a mystery to the social sites that is Alia Shawkat dating or is single. The freckled beauty with charm definitely cannot be redeemed. So is the case with Shakwat, the 26-year-old is as unhesitant as herself about her relationships. Whether is it with a guy or a girl? 
The 26-year-old beauty had dated two guys Michael Angarano (2010-2011) and Jack Antonoff (2009-2010). Her boyfriend Jack is a singer. They separated after a year, in 2010, therefore began to date Michael Angarano. It was awful that their relationship only lasts for a year. The reason for their breakup is another mystery to social sites.

Net Worth:
Alia Shawkat best known for her role in arrested development has the net worth of about U.S $14 million. Shawkat's salary is not revealed yet but we can easily estimate through the fame she has earned. She has earned much more respect and name staying within the industry as well as good amount of salary.

2017 career:
Shawkat has been impressing her fans and workers by her role in arrested development. Also, she was titled as “brightest lights” on a show populated solely by bright lights. In 2005, Shakwat won the Young Artist Award in the category of Best Performance in a TV Series as a Supporting Young Actress. She was also nominated in the category of Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series.