Mark Sheppard Age, Wife, Wiki, Divorce, Bio, Gay, Children, Married

Mark Sheppard, Age, Wife, Wiki, Divorce, Bio, Gay, Children, Married

Mark Sheppard Age, Wife, Wiki, Divorce, Bio, Gay, Children, Married

— Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

Date of Birth : May 30th, 1964
Age :59 Years old
Net Worth : ‎USD 800 Thousand Dollars
Married :Sarah Louise Fudge (m. 2015), Jessica Sheppard (m. 2004–2014)
Height :5 Feet 9 Inch
Mark Sheppard  Bio & Career
Born on 30 May 1964, Mark Andreas Sheppard is an English actor and also a musician with an Irish-German background. He was born in London. More popularly, he is often known as ‘Mark A. Sheppard’. Actor Sheppard is best known for his roles as the King of Hell Crowley in ‘Supernatural’, lawyer Romo Lampkin in the ‘Battlestar Galactica reboot’. He is also equally popular as the Interpol investigator James Sterling in ‘Leverage’ and small-time crime lord Badger in Joss Whedon’s ‘Firefly’. It is almost astounding to know that by the age of 15, Sheppard had become a professional musician. He then enjoyed many years as a recording and touring artist with bands like the Robyn Hitchcock, the other television personalities and also with an Irish group called as ‘Light a Big Fire’. Sheppard played drums on ‘Light a Big Fire’s second album and as a session musician, he has recorded albums for many groups throughout Europe before eventually moving to the United States.

It proved as a turning point in his career, when Sheppard was called for an audition for the American play ‘Cock and Bull Story’ (directed by Midnight Express author Billy Hayes). He later went on to win numerous awards, including the 1992 L.A. Drama Critics’ Circle award, and the LA Weekly and Dramalogue awards for the roles he portrayed over the course of his acting career. His notable television works include the “Fire” episode of The X-Files, a year on the Jerry Bruckheimer’s action series named the ‘Soldier of Fortune’. Sheppard’s guest appearances and the recurring roles he portrayed in The Practice, The Invisible Man, Special Unit 2, among others, have been quite popular and received wide applause.

As far as his ventures in the film industry are concerned, Sheppard’s most popular works include the Jim Sheridan film titled as ‘In the Name of the Father’. In the movie, he has starred opposite Daniel Day-Lewis and Emma Thompson while he plays the character of Guildford Four member Patrick Armstrong. The romantic comedy ‘Lover’s Knot’, the Russian historical drama ‘Out of the Cold’, the thriller ‘Unstoppable’, among others, are some of his other popular works. He made his film debut in 1993 with the movie ‘In the name of the father’. After that he went on to act in several films like ‘Lady in the Box’, ‘Unstoppable’ etc.Delving more into his personal life, Sheppard is the son of popular actor W. Morgan Sheppard. He is married to Jessica since 2004. Sheppard and Jessica have two children named Max Sheppard and Will Sheppard.