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Zeinab Badawi Bio, Wiki, Married, husband, Affair, divorce, Net worth, career

Ellen Oon     |     October 17, 2017     |     Celebrity Gossip

WORLD VOICE of TODAY: Zeinab Badawi   Synopsis We normally have been seeing the Nationals on the television. These have been working and excelling in the television for some time now. Apart from this, there are other superwomen who have been born away from all the fancy itineraries of the states in the remote and struggling parts of other countries and still have managed to excel and reach the limits of excellence. This excellent Diva is Zeinab Badawi. Zeinab is regarded as the idol of many teenagers and women. Her gained success and achievements is an inspiration and motivation to ...

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Saoirse Ronan Wiki, Bio, Net worth, Gossip, Net worth, Married, Dating, Career

Abigail Russell     |     October 17, 2017     |     Celebrity Gossip

The Ever Rising: Saoirse Ronan   Well, a movie and a TV fan won’t forget or won't not recognize the astounding and aspiring Saoirse Ronan. How, could one forget her? The Irish-American actress, the super duper Oscar nominee, who is best known for her roles in such films as the 'Atonement,' the 'The Lovely Bones' and not to forget the awesome piece of art name 'Hanna.' The Super Star-tings The uprising and aspiring Saoirse Una Ronan is a multinational super star of Irish and American origin born on April 12, 1994, in New York. She started her career ...

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Lisa Salters Bio, Wiki, Married, Husband, Net worth, Boyfriend, Salary, Affairs

Chris Keitel     |     October 16, 2017     |     Celebrity Gossip

The Voice that shakes the stakes: Lisa Salters Synopsis One of the most beautiful and attractive personality on the television and the most admired one as well. She has been through has no one has and still excelled in her works. This is the reason why Lisa Salters is one of the finest personalities in the history of Television. Alisia Salters, who is now popularly known as Lisa Salters, is an American journalist who is currently working for ESPN and ESPN on the ABC.  Her famousness has grown so much that because she’s always been on her mark and always done her best, wherever ...

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Shelagh Fogarty Bio, Wiki, Married, Net worth, Family, Husband, Boyfriend

Abigail Russell     |     October 15, 2017     |     Celebrity Gossip

Veteran with the Stealth: Shelagh Fogarty The Awesome Breakfast Maker She may not be the perfect 36-24-36 person that you fantasize to see but is a lot better and beautiful than that. The beauty in her does not come from her body but it comes from what she does and how she does. That is what makes her a veteran with stealth. Yes, Shelagh is a super veteran and well famous radio and TV presenter along with being an awesome journalist, who we well known for her as a presenter for the hosting of the BBC Radio 5 Live previous hit program titled "The Breakfast Show". The veteran ...

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Pam Oliver Bio, Wiki, Married, Fox, Boyfriend, Husband, Net Worth

Chris Keitel     |     October 13, 2017     |     Celebrity Gossip

The Essence of Enigma, PAMTASTIC Pam Oliver “If your ancestors cut down all the trees, it’s not your fault, but you still don’t live in a forest” Taken by storm One of the most talented and versatile figures that we see on television today, Pam Oliver is the essence of excellence and enigma and proved herself better in whatever she does and wherever she goes. The lady with the undeniable presence and confidence, Pam Oliver has taken the sports broadcasting world by storm and passion. She was born on 1961, March 10th in Dallas, Texas. Pam Oliver separated herself ...

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Milana Vayntrub Bio, Affairs, Feet, lesbian, Dating, Boyfriend, Net worth

Elizabeth Murphy     |     October 11, 2017     |     Celebrity Gossip

Milana Vayntrub The Comic mesmerizer Well, a good and a recognized face on the television industry, Milana Vayntrub is one of the most seen and is the most viewed actress on the internet and in the media. This is due to the charismatic the enthusiastic performance that she performs and that she presents in front of the audience. The hot and sexy actress and comedian from Uzbekistan are also known as a wonderful writer, and producer. The mesmerizing actress and the awesome comedian Milana Vayntrub is one of the most recognized and liked person. She is known mostly for featuring the famous ...

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Sage Steele Bio, Wiki, Married, Net worth, Affair, Husband, Divorce

Abigail Russell     |     October 10, 2017     |     Celebrity Gossip

The Lady with STEEL determination: Sage Steele We do know her, don’t we? Are you a fan of television? DO you frequently watch television? Who do you know on television? Well, you must certainly know the lady with the steel voice and determination, Sage Steele!!! Saga Marie Steele is an American TV host and personality. She is the host of different shows such as Good Morning America, The View, the famous Jimmy Kimmel Live! In 2003, Mike & Mike in 2005, In addition to this, she also hosted the ESPN First Take in 2007 and the ESPYS Backstage (2009). Sage is also known for anchoring ...

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Erin Andrews Bio, Net worth, Salary, Husband, Wiki, Dating, Husband

Ellen Oon     |     October 09, 2017     |     Celebrity Gossip

The Cult of Personality: Erin Andrews Charismatic Attitude Erin Jill Andrews. One of the most heard and seen names in the field of television and journalism. An eccentric at whatever she does, Erin stands as an example and an honorary example and encouragement to all the women in the world. A leading personality and a charismatic attitude have mesmerized everyone. Erin Andrews is a sports journalist, a sportscaster as well as a television personality who is the host at the FOX College Football for the channel Fox Sports as of present time. Erin was born on 4th of May 1978. Her ...

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Suzy Kolber Biography, Wiki, Married, Family, Husband, Children, Net worth, ESPN

Chris Keitel     |     October 08, 2017     |     Celebrity Gossip

The Voice that brings Rejoice: Suzy Kolber Biography: The Champ that runs the camp The heart and soul of ESPN as many would call her, Suzy Kolber has been one of the best at whatever she did, whether it was sitting in the live warm studio or going out into the full packed stadiums, in the cold unforgiving weather and sometimes in the very hot and freaking peak temperature. She is the Champ that runs the camp. The awesome Suzy Kolber is a sports and most specifically football sideline reporter, co-producer, anchor, and sportscaster. Suzy has worked for the famous ESPN and was one of the ...

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Joey King Bio, Age, Wiki, Net worth, Boyfriend, Affairs, Dating, Family

Ellen Oon     |     October 07, 2017     |     Celebrity Gossip

Min$$321Bringing Boisterously Joy: Joey King  Bio: The Rising Sensation This little dynamite has the potential to become one of the finest actresses ever and to achieve that, the only thing that she needs to do now remains focused. Many stars here and there in the industry admire her acting talent and hence this is a huge compliment for her. This rising sensation is Joey King. Joey King is the cute and hot emerging American actress that most of the people are talking about. Joey is mainly known for her role in Ramona and Beezus as the amazing Ramona Quimby. The character is from her ...

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Erin Burnett Bio, Wiki, Dating, Married, Husband, Boyfriend, Divorce, Baby, Net worth

Elizabeth Murphy     |     October 06, 2017     |     Celebrity Gossip

Erin “Burning” Burn-nett   “The voice of the voiceless” as she calls herself. Erin Isabelle Burnett is the sizzling, renowned and intellectual news anchor of CNN. Followed and watched by millions of viewers all worldwide the brunette beauty is known famously for her reporting and documentary skills which are regarded to be of the superb quality and music to the ears and the eyes. Career: Essence of Excellence Erin is best known for her essence in front of the camera. She known for her own news show named “Erin Burnett Out-Front” as well as for her ...

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China Anne McClain Bio, Wiki, Dating, Net worth, Boyfriend, Ethnicity, Sisters

Abigail Russell     |     October 04, 2017     |     Celebrity Gossip

China, the American shining star Chinmerican Star China Anne McClain is not your average 18-year old! She is special. She is unique and different from any other girl that you see on the streets or on the TV. China is the very special American that is the talk of the town. The black beauty China Anne McClain is an aspiring and brooding American actress and singer born in Atlanta, Georgia in the year 1998.  She is well known around the world as Chyna Parks from the Disney show, ANT Farm, and also as Gabby Harrison from the comedy show, 'How to Build the Better Boy'. Moreover, ...

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Ava Sambora Bio, Wiki, Married, Net worth, Figure, Boyfriend, Affairs

Elizabeth Murphy     |     October 03, 2017     |     Celebrity Gossip

The Royalty: Ava Sambora The Lucky Girl What happens when the best flavors combine? They give an awesome new taste. They surely do. Same is the condition with Ava Sambora, the daughter of the actress, the SEX SYMBOL, Heather Locklear and The Dreamer, Bon Jovi member Richie Sambora. The lucky girl as people refers her as was born in Los Angeles on October 4th, 1997. The brown haired, blue eyed diva has been mesmerizing her fans for some time. With a physique like that; 5 feet and 6 inches in height and weighing about 53 kg's maintaining the 36 27 35 bodies with 34B bra size, anyone ...

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Hailee Steinfeld Wiki, Bio, Boyfriend, Affair, Dating, Parents, Net worth

Chris Keitel     |     October 03, 2017     |     Celebrity Gossip

All Hail- Hailee   An individual who has proved to be an essential ingredient in both the areas of singing and acting needs no introduction. Hailee Steinfeld has been an elegant yet hardworking excellent talent mesmerizing audiences around the world. Born Hailee Purring Steinfeld on December 11, 1996, is the American actress and singer who first came into limelight for her portrayal of Mattie Ross in True Grit (2010). This terrific performance and portrayal earned her an Academy Award nomination.   Pitch Perfect Girl The hazel-eyed blonde at a tender age, she appeared in ...

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Sofia Richie Bio, Wiki, Married, Mom, Dating, Net worth, Figure

Chris Keitel     |     October 03, 2017     |     Celebrity Gossip

Musically and Socially Rich-i.e.: Sofia Richie   Lionel Richie the King of Funk and soul. The name that millions of fans have been cheering on since decades and decades.  The blood of his the supernova Sofia Richie is no less than the awesome dad. Sofia Richie was born on August 24, 1998, in LA, California to Lionel Richie and his wife Diane Alexander. Sofia is the younger half-sister of entrepreneur and fashion star Nicole Richie and she made her debut on her sister’s hit TV show, Candidly Nicole (2014) on VH-1 at the blooming age of 15. Career Germination Virgo actress ...

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Annie LeBlanc Bio, Wiki, Affairs, Net worth, Dating, Sibling, Career

Elizabeth Murphy     |     September 27, 2017     |     Celebrity Gossip

Gymnastically Sensational: Annie LeBlanc “Don’t call it a dream, call it a plan” ..Says the brunette Beauty and Youtube sensation Annie LeBlanc. Internet Sensation Annie LeBlanc, the dreamer who turned her dreams into plans. She is a young American YouTube star and promising gymnast, born in 2004. Her fame started after her appearance in her parents’ YouTube channel on their family videos. Then she started her own way after she made her own Youtube channel acro anna to which she started by posting a number of gymnastic tutorials.  The brunette then continued ...

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