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Gigi paris Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Affairs, Net worth, Career, Nationality

Ellen Oon     |     January 10, 2018     |     Entertainment

The Looks of a Maiden: Jeanne Gigi Synopsis: Known by her looks and her personality Gigi has smashed many of the hearts and souls. She is queen of hearts and has an eye of every boy. Better known around the world for being a model with awesome looks and her presence as a show stopper in fashion shows, Jeanne has established herself as a versatile model and a performer.  Early Life: Jeanne was born in Miami in the Florida on June 14, 1992. She was born to her parents and her siblings with whom she spent a good childhood. From her early childhood, she had increased her intentions and ...

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Lisa Robertson Bio, Wiki, Married, Boyfriend, Net worth, Death Rumor, Career

Ellen Oon     |     January 06, 2018     |     Entertainment

The Rumored One: Lisa Robertson Synopsis: Lisa Robertson is one of the most talked about person in the entertainment industry. This is not only because of her works in the global realm but also for the rumors that are found regarding her. Lisa is a designer, fashion authority and television personality who has mesmerized the world with her unique design and her trendy designs. She is well known and renowned for introducing the G.I.L.I fashion line starting in the year 2012 which included fashion, handbags, shoes, jewelry, gifts and Christmas Decor. She is also known as the host of ...

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Jamie Gangel Bio, wiki, Age, Married, Husband, Net worth, Family, Affair, Career

Elizabeth Murphy     |     January 03, 2018     |     Entertainment

The Landmark: Jamie Gangel Synopsis: Jamie Gangel is perhaps the best thing that has ever happened to the NBC news and the NBC brand. Maybe this is because of the fact that she has been with the brand since a long time and she has been a major part of the brands success. She is better known around the world as a veteran tv personality and award-winning television reporter. Jamie is better known perhaps as a general assignment and political correspondent and a frequent contributor to the segments such as the NBC Nightly News, the Today and not to forget the famous Dateline ...

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Andrea Espada Bio, Age, Height, Wiki, Married, Net woth, Workout, Husband

Chris Keitel     |     December 28, 2017     |     Entertainment

Andrea  Rincon Espada aka Andrea Espada, she is a Columbian talented personality who has the capacity of entertaining people with her comedy role, as a television moderator, a model and also better known for hosting on UFC. She has collected her well-wishers through her Instagram, Youtube and also with her hard work that she has done to entertain the world.  Birth Andrea was born on 17th of August 1986 in Colombia. She hasn’t revealed her family background but then has revealed her son Ferran Espada who was born in 2010.Hope she loves keeping her family related thing ...

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Janice Dean Bio, Wiki, Height, Married, Age, Salary, Net worth, Divorce

Ellen Oon     |     December 26, 2017     |     Entertainment

The WEATHER MACHINE: Janice Dean Synopsis: Janice Dean has established herself as a notable personality. A social media, as well as a journalism icon Janice has been out of the most sort out, faces in the television world at present. The journalist is notably known for being a weather forecaster for the Canadian media on the Fox News channel. She is one of the familiar faces and her popularity continues to increase. Early Life: The super journalist was born on 9th May 1970. She was born in Toronto in Ontario in Canada. She is a Canadian and holds the nationality. Janice is from the white ...

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Rene Marsh Bio, Wiki, Age, Married, Affair, Husband, Ethnicity, Sister

Chris Keitel     |     December 25, 2017     |     Entertainment

CNN's Best:Rene Marsh Synopsis: CNN has a prize possession in Rene Marsh. Maybe she is one of the finest individuals to work for the team of CNN. It also can be the fact that she is one of the finest workers in the industry. She is an American correspondent working for the American government as well as the aviation. She is better known for her corresponding antics and her reporting of the MH370 news, which made headlines after it got lost. Early Life: Rene was born on 17th of April in the year 1978.  Her birthplace is Binghampton in the United States of America. She is an ...

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Leyla Santiago Bio, Wiki, Married, Net worth, Affairs, Dating, Career

Elizabeth Murphy     |     December 20, 2017     |     Entertainment

Latino Heat: Leyla Santiago Synopsis: Leyla Santiago is a new name in the world of news and journalism. Perhaps because of the fact that the foreign correspondent has been the most sturdy and the down to earth voice in all of journalism but has still stayed away from the limelight. The way she talks, the smile that is launched and the comments made have been mesmerizing.  Leyla Santiago, better known around the world as the Mexican Correspondent for CNN International and also the worker of different other news promotions, she is an Emmy Award winner for her coverage of wildfire in ...

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Sasha Lane Bio, Wiki, Married, Net worth, Affairs, Tattoos, Age, Career

Elizabeth Murphy     |     December 14, 2017     |     Entertainment

The Dreadlocked Tattoo Angel: Sasha lane  Synopsis  Just over her twenties, Sasha lane is one of the most inspiring as well as aspiring actresses. Moreover, she is a well-known as a phenomenal diva in the history of the film industry. Better known around the world for her remarkable debut performance in the American Honey in the year 2016 which was critically acclaimed and was an award-winning Masterpiece. Since then, she has featured at the Cannes Film Festival and has won the Brix to Jury.  Early life  The young sensation, Sasha Lane was born on September 29 in the ...

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Jillian Parker Bio, Wiki, Married, Age, Boyfriend, Big Brother, Net worth, Dating, Family

Elizabeth Murphy     |     December 09, 2017     |     Entertainment

Big Sales Beauty- Jillian Parker Synopsis Jillian Parker is one of the aspiring and rising superstars in the world. She is better known around the world as the contestant in the reality series Big Brother. She is a timeshare sales representative and has been one of the finest people in her job and in her field of work. She has inspired everyone in the show as well as everyone who view her in the TV and in the media. The Big Brother has been a great platform for her to showcase her talents. Early Life Jillian Parker was born in 1993 in a simple family. She was born to her hard-working ...

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Princess Love Bio, Wiki, Age, Married, Pregnant, Net worth, Ethnicity, Parents

Abigail Russell     |     December 07, 2017     |     Entertainment

We all are very familiar with the famous shows on the television and also with the celebrities out there where Princess Love is one of those. She has been the most popular television personality as well as taking her another passion fashion designing yet modeling along. She has marked herself in the different series like ‘Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’. So now we will be discussing more to Princess’ career lifestyle and many more. Stay with us!!! Birth- How old is Princess Love Princess was born on 14th of August 1984 in Oakland, CA, United States of America. Her mother is ...

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Lindsey Vonn Bio, wiki, Married, Age, Net worth, Husband, Divorce

Ellen Oon     |     December 01, 2017     |     Entertainment

Lindsey Vonn Synopsis  Life is all about being the best at what you do and never giving up when times get rough. This is exactly how Lindsey Vonn, the super charismatic Ski racer seems to be living her life. An early career start, rise to the fame, a sudden bump in the road of success and a smashing comeback, Vonn has had it all. This gorgeous athlete is not only beautiful but is also super-talented in Skiing and has achieved many renowned titles.          Early Life and Education  Lindsey Caroline Kildow was born to Linda Anne and Alan Lee in Saint ...

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Georgie Thompson Bio, Wiki, Married, Net worth, Husband, Dating, Net worth, Parents

Chris Keitel     |     November 26, 2017     |     Entertainment

The veteran superstar: Georgie Thompson  Synopsis Georgie Thompson is one of the most wanted celebrities in the world. One of the most charismatic and enthusiastic person she has taken the world by her awesome works.  Thompson is better known as the sports news broadcaster for different promotions. She has been part of the GMTV as well as the famous Sky Sports.  Early life and education:  Georgie Thompson was born on September 25, 1977.  Her place of birth was Essex England. She was born to her parents and her siblings in her English neighborhood of Essex. ...

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Heidi Watney Bio, Wiki, Married, Net worth, Husband, Boyfriend, Pregnant

Abigail Russell     |     November 19, 2017     |     Entertainment

Undoubtfully Diva: Heidi Watney Synopsis The journalism sector is really a sector with ups and downs and with various personalities spreading their magic from their presence and their enigma. This is the reasons to why the sector has bene one of the most effective and the most prevalent in the television sector. Undoubtfully Heidi Watney has been a super sensation in this field and has been better known as the host of the Ultimate Red Sox and also the super sensation in the ESPN, MLB, NESN and other media. Early Life The Diva Heidi Watney was born in California in the city of San Diego. ...

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Nicole Tuck Bio, Wiki, Nationality, Net worth, Ethnicity, Husband, Career, Family

Elizabeth Murphy     |     November 12, 2017     |     Entertainment

Synopsis Who were the women that appeared on DJ Khaled’s snapchat story giving birth to his son? Who is the mother of baby Instagram sensation Ashad Khaled’s mother? If you guessed Nicole Tuck, then you are absolutely correct. The long-term girlfriend and now fiancé of American record producer, radio personality and snapchat kind DJ Khaled seems to be quite a camera shy but has a very strong personality. A businesswoman, a super mom and an inspiration too many, Nicole Tuck is one exemplary person. Early Life and Education Nicole Tuck first came to this world on ...

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Romola Garai Bio, Wiki,Married, Net worth, Career, Husband, Affairs

Abigail Russell     |     November 07, 2017     |     Entertainment

Romola Garai is a British actress, writer, and director. She is pretty famous for her appearances in the movies Amazing Grace, Atonement, and Glorious 39, and in BBC series such as Emma, The Hour and The Crimson Petal and the White. Romola who has been named twice for a Golden Globe Award and is BAFTA designated is currently married to Sam Hoare. He is British actor famous for his role in BBC1’S Olympic drama Bert and Dickie. The husband and wife are blessed with two children.  Romola’s Early Life and Education Garai was born on 6th of August 1982 in Hongkong where ...

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Wendy Hurrell Bio, Wiki, Married, Husband, Net worth, Children, Salary

Chris Keitel     |     October 28, 2017     |     Entertainment

The Super Northfolk: Wendy Hurrell Wendy Hurrell is a super charming and a lovely lady is seen in the television and broadcasting world. The Journalism super-star well-known as “Wendy Rocking Hurrell” is a very popular and hyper-charismatic English television presenter. Wendy is currently serving as a weather presenter at BBC London. Known as the voice of BBC London, she has been a solid rock in fulfilling the jobs that she has been assigned to do and complete. Early Life Wendy Hurrell was born in Northfolk in London on May 24th of 1982, which makes her is 34 years at present. ...

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