Khloé Kardashian wiki, Bio, Net worth, Divorce, sisters and boyfriend

Khloe Kardashian wiki, Bio, Net worth, Divorce, sisters and boyfriend

— Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

Date of Birth : Jul 27th, 1984
Age :39 Years old
Kardashian Khloe!! 
Kardashian, as the name is enough. Khloe Kardashian, daughter of Kris Jenner and Robert Kardashian is hot as fire woman. Who doesn't know her? From people in common life to people in high fashion. Khloe Kardashian is known for herself, her clothing line, her lavish lifestyle and her reality show keeping up with the Kardashians. Khloe has killed it from her fitness to fashion. Kardashian's life is always a flash to media and social Medias. Khloe shares such a lifestyle that everyone is curious about her.

Khloe Bio and her life:
Daughter of Kris Jenner. Khloe is the third daughter of Kris Jenner and Robert Kardashian. Born on July 27, 1984, Los Angeles, California. Her sisters are Kourtney Kim, Kylie, and Kendal. All her sisters are as famous as Khloe is. Kim is the most popular famous from all the Kardashians. She is no less than any of her sister. Khloe has her own cloth line names as American jeans which are flaunted by Mamu celebrities and a hit to the casual look. 
Khloe has dominated the fashion world with her style her fit body and her perfect shaped gluts. Thus, Khloe leaves her life as she likes. 
What's her height and weight? 
From being 163 in 2012 to going dine to 163 pounds. She lost 30 pounds from maintaining a strict diet. Khloe daily meal included veggies and lots of diets. Khloe said she felt when going to the gym. As her sisters are fit Khloe got criticized for her weight and her body. Khloe weight is 72kgs. 
Koko's height is 5ft 9inch which makes her tallest from her both sisters. Khloe being the middle sister says, "It was a restriction for me to wear heels on photo shoot, as my sisters are really short" 
Khloe Kardashians measurement is 35-28-41

How much Khloe earns? 
Khloe earns $450 million a month. The Kardashians show keeping up with the Kardashian was a super hit. The show gave Kardashians a big hit and make them to the list of earning millions. She earns $40,000 from her show KUWTK per episode. While her annual salary is $3.5 million. The 32 years old earn enough for her lifestyle.

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Who stole Koko's heart? 
After marrying the NBA player Lamar Odom, it's been a hard time for Koko to find her love life l. She Married Lamar on Sept 27, 2009. Kardashian divorced a file on 2013 and set her always apart from Lamar. 
Currently, Koko is dating the NBA player Tristan Thompson. Koko was spotted wearing the jersey of Cavaliers and supporting her boyfriend. Sources say the couple is mad, deeply love with one other. After struggling to get her love life Khloe has finally found the one she can go head over heels. 

69 Million Instagram followers: 
The 32-year-old has been tremendously being rising in her Instagram posts. Her followers are growing day by day. Koko's Instagram is filled with love, family, fitness, and her lifestyle. Her posts are mostly about fitness her routines and her love for her boyfriend. Koko has set the bar high for her hotness and enthusiasm in fitness and fashion world.