Lilly Singh Bio, Net Worth, Facts, Family, Boyfriend, Dating, career

Lilly Singh Bio, Net Worth, Facts, Family, Boyfriend, Dating, career

Lilly Singh Bio, Net Worth, Facts, Family, Boyfriend, Dating, career

— Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

Date of Birth : Sep 26th, 1988
Age :35 Years old
Height :5 Feet 5 Inches
The BAWSE. The Superwoman to her Lilly Singh 

Who runs the world? Girls. Lilly Singh justifies the statement that the world is run by Girls as they are no less. The one who discerns Lilly: knows that she is a strong, powerful, successful and humble person. Lilly has always been a down to earth and a very warm person. She is an inspiration to million. One can never go frown after visiting Lilly's YouTube page. Her videos are magic and humor to those seeking inspiration, fun, and laughter. Lilly is a rock star in herself.
Famously known as superwoman, Lilly is a gem of a person. By birth Canadian, by heart Indian, Lilly has made a place in heart of all her fans through the journey of YouTube from 2010. Lilly has a 12M YouTube subscribers and is a highest paid You Tuber after (PewDiePie and Roman Atwood). From social media to daily life, Lilly shares her day to day life musings to all her fans.
An Inspiration to Look for
Waking up with the warm smile, with hair undone baggy eyes. Lilly shows herself up like she is. Dancing and singing and saying her to do the list of a day to her fans Lilly gives herself points for doing all the assigned task and deducts it too if she stays out of it.  She shares her lifestyle as it is to her fans via her Lilly Vlogs.  She calls her fans as “Team Super” and treats them as one.  Like a family from all around the world.
From 12M to 1.2M
Lilly began her YouTube journey on 2010. While today she has 12M YouTube subscribers and 1.2M subscribers on her vlog channel. Lily earned her subscribers through her passion and hard work who believes working hard is the key. 

Betty and Veronica are still my sisters. @kjapa #Riverdale

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How much is Lilly's net worth
Lilly is the most earning You Tuber. Lilly holds the 8th position, with a net worth of more than $2.5 million. She recently launched her Book "The Bawse" which is one of the New York Times bestseller. Also, the You Tuber has launched her own makeup line of lipstick branded as "Bawse". Lilly has created a phenomenally successful career. She lives in her own apartment which has a personal terrace and a Jacuzzi.

Who's Lilly dating?
The mysterious Asian girl has proudly said that she's single in her YouTube videos. She is happily single and questions about her relationship status on her YouTube channel. The You Tuber smartly says the reason she's single, while she gives fewer chances to others to interfere in her personal life. 

Lilly's life
Living in a single apartment, out of her home town Toronto, Canada. Lilly has made LA her home. She lives alone, while her BFF's "Humble the Poet" and "Hey Nata" are her partners in crime to partners for midnight snacks. Lilly vlogs about her day to day life activities and keep the fans close to her heart. From her least favorite to her most favorite, Lilly always does her best to show her fan about herself. 
From winning as best you Tuber to being invited in Whitehouse. Lilly is a philanthropic person. She has helped several organizations and raise funds for the needy people around the world. This Superwoman is actually one Super kind of woman. From Lilly to Superwoman she has nailed every character and proved herself as a Bawse.