Rosanna Pansino Bio, Wiki, Married, Boyfriend, Networth, Husband, Dating, career

Rosanna Pansino Bio, Wiki, Married, Boyfriend, Net worth, Husband, Dating, career

Rosanna Pansino Bio, Wiki, Married, Boyfriend, Networth, Husband, Dating, career

— Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

Date of Birth : Jun 8th, 1985
Age :38 Years old
As Warm as Toast, Rosanna Pansino 
How tall is Rosanna Pansino?
Born on June 8, 1985, Rosanna Pansino a 32-year-old is a powerhouse baker. She is an American baker, actress and youtube personality. Pansino is as warm as toast. Though Rosanna is cook she as fit as a horse, she is 55 kg and her height is 4 feet 10 inches. Not only a successful chef pension has shown her passion in small roles on episodes Of Parks and recreation and crime scene investigation. Pansino was a finalist on a reality series screen queens as well. Rosanna is most popularly known for her cooking show Nerdy Nummies, which is one of the best baking shows on YouTube 
Baking can be fun 
When chef like Rosanna Pansino has the kitchen on her hand, the baking can be fun and food can taste as good as heaven. Pansino aims baking to be fun and not stressful. She portrays her baking with bright colors, fun sayings, and admirable design. The one that catches your eyes and is the treatment for the soul. Pansino makes baking fun by the creative culinary colorful bowls, spatulas printing in digital shape, geek-chic cookie cutters, and her own candy melts. Rosanna has her own flavors of candy Melts. 
8Million "Nerdy Nummies"
32 years old Pansino is an entrepreneur who is known for her 8 million YouTube subscribers. Her show nerdy mummies is a daily watch show for her fans which has received over 1.8 billion views. Her show launched in June 2011 which is a great hit up to date. She also launched her cookbook "Nerdy Nummies" in June 2011. Pansino's cook book is one of the New York items best seller. The book also stayed in a strong position of top 10 through several weeks.   
Geeky Ro
Known as Ro for her fans Rosanna Pansino has a strong geeky side. Some of her favorites have been math, comics, and fantasy, video games, science fiction which has a greater influence on her cooking and has inspired her to cook in a similar way. In her first show of Nerdy Nummies Ro cooked a super good cake of a Super Mario and she has continued to create such super stuff till now. 
Ro brings her creativity and fun in cooking. She shows her love for baking in her every episode of Nerdy Nummies. Ro is a powerhouse of creativity, fun, and baker.
On a knife edge
Inspired by her grandmother Pansino started her career with the interest in cooking. Ro also got many help from her professional YouTube friends as she started began one. As everyone starts from 0 pensions started her banking career from the making themed treats at parties. Pansino got a very positive response and gained renowned attention. Her journey started all with the request of baking some more of her kind and more of her taste. 
Net worth $9million Baker 
Rosanna's net worth is $9 million. Ro is one of the highest paid YouTube stars. Her annual earning is over $6 million. Ro has been nominated three times for Nerdy Nummies. 
Her ability to entertain her fans with unique cooking style and her amazing personality has made RO one of the best baker. While she has uploaded more than 100 cake, cookie and cupcake recipe for her Nerdy Nummies series.
No doubt, RO gets over 75 million views per month. 

Fun fact! My whole family loves to swim and my dad Papa Pizza used to be a lifeguard 😘

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Who's the lucky guy? 
A baker who can cook well and look good at the same time. RO’s body measurement is 34-24-34. She can manage to look fabulous and eat sugar as she wants it at the same time. Rosanna was quite smart keeping her personal life away from her fans. But a good news cannot be hidden, Ro revealed her boyfriend on her Twitter account, tweeting 
"I have a boyfriend, #AskRo" 
Ro dated Josh Sussman in the past.While the lucky guy is Mike Lamond