shemar moore, Birthday, Wife, Bio, Height, Weight, Age, Net worth, Married, Wiki,Tv shows  movies, Tv shows

Shemar moore, Wife, Bio, Height, Weight, Age, Net worth, Married, Wiki

shemar moore, Birthday, Wife, Bio, Height, Weight, Age, Net worth, Married, Wiki,Tv shows  movies, Tv shows

— Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

Date of Birth : Jun 6th, 1973
Age :50 Years old
Net Worth :USD 12 million
Height :6 Feet 1 Inch
Shemar moore Bio & Career
Derek Morgan is a fictional character of the CBS crime drama ‘Criminal Minds’ and the popular role is portrayed by actor Shemar Moore. In the drama, Morgan specializes in fixations and certain obsessive behaviors. Morgan, the fictional character is the supervisory special agent of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit in the drama. Morgan also appeared from the series’ pilot episode titled “Extreme Aggressor” which was first broadcasted on September 22, 2005.

Though the character Morgan is shown as a flirtatious character who flirts with the team’s technical analyst Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness), their relationship, however, is platonic. Morgan is portrayed as a confident and assertive person who is also very protective towards Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler). In the drama, Morgan helps Reid to pick up girls. Moore, who plays the character of Morgan, is the central character of the team and is usually shown as somebody who barges in when a suspect needs to be apprehended physically.

At one point during the drama career, Morgan was considered to replace SSA Kate Joyner as Unit Chief of the New York FBI field office E320. His boss, BAU Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner, however, did not recommend him for the position because of concerns that Morgan didn’t have enough trust amongst his coworkers. However, after Joyner was killed by an IED during the fourth-season premiere, Hotchner offered Morgan the position if he wanted to grab it. Nevertheless, Morgan did not want to take the position, and rather remained with the BAU.

Morgan, for an instance, is known for his intense physical bravado. For an example, he once chased a suspect (also known as unknown subject, or “unsub”, in FBI terminology) along a train and then jumped aboard himself. Morgan then had to hang on for protecting his life while the ‘unsub’ kept trying to dislodge him from the train, much unsuccessfully.
Derek Morgan relationships
In the drama, Morgan has an emotional and close relationship with Agent Emily Prentiss. After Prentiss joined the team in season 2, she and Morgan immediately bonded and came close because of their mutual love for Kurt Vonnegut books. Morgan is protective about Prentiss, but their relationship never crosses outside the premises of the bureau. In “The Thirteenth Step,” Prentiss receives one very much disturbing news from her former boss at Interpol, and Morgan interestingly happens to be the only one who becomes concerned with her odd and unnatural behavior.

Later, Morgan also became close with Ellie Spicer, who is a little girl who played the daughter of a murder victim in the “Prince of Darkness” case. During the Season 6, Morgan was left injured and was tied up after being attacked by the Prince of Darkness, Billy Flynn (played by Tim Curry), who also killed Matthew Spicer in the attack and later went on to kidnap Spicer’s daughter Ellie.